Do you own or manage a personal care agency what would like to increase its capacity to help patients on hospice and their families? Would you like to start an agency specifically designed to help patients on hospice and their families? Are you a hospice nurse looking to make a change in your career, while still helping seniors at end of life?

Palliative Personal CareSM has been a service of Worcester Home CareSM since its inception in 2011. The program originated as a way for the agency to tailor and to elevate its care for hospice patients and their families. Over the course of years, the protocols have been distilled to basic, safe systems that produce high-quality care. The systems include management policies and straight-forward actions for our Personal Care Attendants. In the end, families see consistent care from our Personal Care Attendants, with strong backroom management support.

This is particularly important because the center of the Palliative Personal CareSM program is the administration of comfort care medications. Worcester Home CareSM does this in conjunction with local hospices and their nurses. It is Worcester Home Care’sSM mission to implement the care plan of hospice, properly administer comfort care medications, protect and secure the medications, and make the grieving process easier for hospice patients and their families. This takes extensive collaboration and communication, as well as flexible and customizable systems.

Worcester Home CareSM has made it our goal to spread our systems and encourage other personal care agencies to help their local families in the same manner, while supporting hospice agencies that provide such wonderful care in the community.

Worcester Home CareSM has increased its business substantially by creating its Palliative Personal CareSM program, in an area in which it does not compete with the vast majority of other agencies.

If you would like to learn more about how your personal care agency may be able to add Palliative Personal CareSM to its offerings, please fill out the form below and Rick Stein, the owner of Worcester Home CareSM, will explain our consulting program. If you are a hospice nurse or wellness professional who would like to start an agency that specializes in end-of-life/hospice assistance, Rick would love to speak with you about that too!